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December 27, 2016 - facebook page for Malcolm


Malcolm at The Texas Renaissance Festival
Oct.13, 1996


Welcome to this site dedicated to remembering Malcolm.
I hope that you will visit often,  leave with a smile, and
remember Malcolm's joyful and enthusiastic love of life.

In loving memory of our dear friend
Malcolm Brian Smith
December 27, 1951 - October 27, 1996
You will always be remembered in our hearts for your warmth, 
your smile, and the infectious love of music that you shared so unselfishly with the world.


Malcolm Smith - A Tribute and Treasure - vol.1
Featuring Malcolm singing and playing original tunes, bluegrass, gypsy, cajun and old-timey styles with the Cypress Swamp Stompers. Also solo performances of Swedish and Finnish fiddle tunes, and Flamenco Guitar. 
Details and ordering information.


Letter from Karl A. Caillouet    9/17/98

I began this page at 7:30AM on the morning of October 27, 1996 after receiving a call from Martha Gay about Malcolm's death. Originally it was a single page containing Malcolm's picture and the words that are now inscribed on the plaque in his memory at the Texas Renaissance Festival gazebo. I wrote those few words and published them in this new, virtual medium to try and alleviate a sense of helplessness and loss at that sad news. The site has since grown into what has been described by Malcolm's mother as "... more satisfying than an inscribed stone in a cemetery." I will agree that it is has certainly turned out to be a good place for us, Malcolm's friends and family, to stop by and remember him periodically, no matter where in the world that we happen to be when our memories intrude.

Cassettes of the Malcolm Smith Memorial Service are available. The cassette captures the music and tributes to Malcolm that were offered up on that day along with a studio cut of Malcolm's group "Cantiga" playing "Como Poden", and "Someday I'll Be A Bluebird", which was co-written by Malcolm and Linda.

A brief Biography has been added for those needing information on Malcolm for other publications. Return jumps back to this site have not been included so that the Biography can be printed and used as it appears. Please use your Browser's "Back" button to return to this page.

Below is a photo of the cast bronze plaque that has been made with contributions to the Malcolm Smith fund.

Cast Bronze Plaque

 Please consider these pages "under construction" and subject to change .... so please visit often. As we need extra pages, the jumps to them will be added at the bottom of this page ... you may wish to check that out before you leave. We urge you to participate in making this page a place to visit where we, his many friends, can refresh our personal store of the generous spirit Malcolm personified.

We have also begun a Discography of Malcolm's recorded works. It is currently available for viewing on the Discography Page. We are actively seeking as much input as possible to complete this work. If you know of an album that Malcolm played on that is not listed, please E-Mail us with the particulars.

A brief Biography has been added for those needing further information on Malcolm for publications and events. You should be able to use your Browser's print function to print this page with formatting intact.

If you have pictures of Malcolm (and captions to go with them) and/or tributes and stories that you would like to share with his many friends, please scan them and attach them to an E-Mail message. We will post the pictures with the understanding that they will be freely available on this site for download for personal use only. Please send them as large as possible. They will be resized for publication, but the larger the better for our archives.

For those of you who have been asking, Malcolm died of "left ventricular hypertrophy" ... a cardiac condition that is difficult to diagnose, strikes suddenly, can be present for years with few or no symptoms, and is almost impossible to treat even if detected.

Please send us your ideas and suggestions ... this page is here for family and friends to remember Malcolm by. 
If you have a website or know of one that mentions Malcolm, please send us the URL and we will add a link.

Pat Fowler (Malcolm's brother-in-law): this is one of our favorite photos of Malcolm. It was taken by Mitch Lawyer in the mid 80's in the Heights, Houston.
Karl Caillouet: The reason why I chose this one for the memorial on the studio website page is that it is my all time favorite photo of Malcolm. It was taken by Dalis Allen many years ago and has hung in a framed collage of family photos in our hall way at home. I've seen that look on Malcolm's face so many times that I like to think that I can tell you exactly what he was thinking when it was snapped.
This one and the next two are from Karl and Linda's archives: Malcolm playing Hercules for the camera ... this was taken in front of Bill Hayme's house in Little Rock, Arkansas ... circa 1983.

Malcolm, Nanci Griffith, Linda Lowe and Karl had all rendezvoused at Bill's house for a gig that night at the Faded Rose and we all gathered in the front yard for pictures and to take advantage of a gorgeous Arkansas day.

This is from that same day ... Linda Lowe's "wonder dog", Roland, was the equipment guard on that trip. Malcolm and Roland had a special relationship.
Malcolm looking particularly pleased with himself ... he's obviously just laid down an excellent fiddle track in the studio. This was taken in front of the old studio building in the Heights.
Pat Fowler: Here are the Cypress Swamp Stompers in 1974.
(Pat Plumlee, Malcolm, (Pandora), Becky and Pat.)
Pat Fowler: This Cypress Swamp Stomper photo is from the early 1980's. We all dressed up and went out to Memorial Park (Houston) for the photo. (Mike Hogan, Becky, Zeke Zuelke, Malcolm and Pat)


There have been many touching tributes received by Malcolm's family and they wanted to share a few of them with you: Please visit the Tributes Page.


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