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Doug Duryea: This one was taken at the Ren Faire in 1989.
Doug Duryea: This one was taken at Camp Creek about 1989. For those of you unfamiliar with the happenings at Camp Creek, Doug Duryea and Ellen Moore host the annual "Thanksgiving Rehearsal Dinner" there every year, where musicians from all over the country converge for a three day feast of food and music.
Pat Fowler: Here is a photo of Malcolm and (my son) Bryan. This was taken in January of 1988. We were in Houston. We gave Bryan his name after Malcolm (Malcolm Brian Smith). He did have some great times with Bryan I'm happy to say.
Pat Fowler: This is from 1993 when Malcolm was at our place in Idaho. 
Pat Fowler: Malcolm always loved the Grand Canyon. This photo is from 1983. Becky and Malcolm were touring with "Back Up and Push" (Dix Bruce, John Gonder, Mike Wallenberg, Becky and Malcolm). They were playing in Flagstaff that night.
Pat Fowler: This is a funny story ... Malcolm had come to visit us in California. Somehow Billy Miller had also come to visit us. We all decided to drive over to Yosemite National Park and camp the night. The next morning, we were woken by the sound of a very loud Saxophone. Then there was a park ranger about to haul Billy Miller off! Billy had hiked down the meadow and was bouncing Saxophone licks off the canyon wall! Billy said "Wow, it sounded real cool". We were able to smooth things out with the ranger (I think we had to agree to lock the Sax up in the trunk or something).
 Linda Lowe: This is Malcolm and I at Kerrville in 1995 ... some of my most treasured Kerrville moments were spent with Malcolm. 
Dave Smith (Malcolm's Dad): Malcolm and his sister Becky playing at the wedding of their sister Sylvia in August 1995.
Dave Smith: Malcolm and Becky playing in the living room of their Dad's house in August 1995.
Mark and Phyllis Petteys: This is a photo of Malcolm and Pat taken in Hell's Canyon in 1993. Malcolm made a $10 river guitar with 5 worn-out strings sound great. Although we never crossed paths again, we often think about him. I'm glad we met up and that I got to play with him once or twice. We're sorry about the loss of such a great guy. We will not forget his creative soul. 
This is a poster from a 1975 gig in Holland when Malcolm was touring with the Dutch band named "Chickenfeed". 

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