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 Scratch below the surface of a true musician and ask why he or she continues to play despite the low pay, lack of social cachet, and long hours of practice and you will ultimately get the admission that there is a compelling inner force at work that will simply not be denied. When fate melds two or more musicians who share this force you are guaranteed a source of fuel for musical inspiration. The musical partnership of Malcolm Smith and Martha Gay, which flourished for well over a decade, was throughly grounded in this reality and gave a life and breadth to bands like Cantiga and The New World Renaissance Band that is a far cry from the usual in the musical world.  

It will forever remain difficult for me to say one name without the tendency to finish the sentence or thought with the other.  

Karl A. Caillouet
Christi Potter & Malcolm 9-4-96
“Malcolm’s life was music. I heard the music, yet it is through the slanted eye of love that I saw so much more. His unique sense of style, his boyish charm, the ever-present cup of tea. I saw his sneaky little ways, his never-ending generosity, his love for the beach, his need to be free. He was a silly boy & a truly elegant man. Malcolm was more than music for me. He was my best friend, my teacher, my cook, my lover. My life with Malcolm was music...I can still hear him playing.”         - Christi Potter
Becky Smith: Here is a photo of Malcolm riding my Morgan/Arab cross mare, Nellie Belly, about1990. (Little Bryan in the corner).
Becky Smith: Another turn around the arena..
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David Massengale:  Malcolm and Joni McGee Massengale in September of 1996 at the New York Renaissance Faire. He and Christi were there for a weekend and we hired him to perform with us. (Three Hams on Rye.)

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